Performance Additives and Technology

The segment Performance Additives was established with the intention of offering our customers from the plastics industry an extensive and exclusive product portfolio. This product portfolio comprises a wide range of high-performance additives for various plastics in the same way as new, eco-friendly plasticizers. In addition, it also offers the option to supply customers from new segments, like for example rubber processing and manufacture of products for medical applications.

In the segment Performance Additives, Polytrade Global GmbH provides a platform for growth in new applications and raw materials segments through its existing custom base and additional products. With the resources available, Polytrade Global GmbH can extend the custom base in certain markets in the framework of a marketing and customer contact initiative.

Performance Additives
Additives for Polymers Applications
CAS Nr. 123-77-3
Blowing agents for plastic materials
CAS Nr. 80-51-3
Zinc benzenesulfinate Dihydrate
CAS Nr. 24308-84-7
Activator and kicker for PVC
Modifier Additives for modification
CPE 135A
Chlorinated polyethylene
CAS Nr. 64754-90-1
Impact modifiers for rigid PVC
Adjust cold temperature impact strength
Modifier acrylic Acrylic based modifiers to adjust processing or physical/mechanical properties of plastics
Plasticizer Non-reactive plasticizer for polymers
Non-phthalate plasticizers Specialty plasticizer for polymers
Polymers Applications
Polysulfide resin Resins for sealants used in construction and insulating glass. High chemical resistance and suitable for secondary insulating glass sealants.
Additives for CASE Applications 
Chain modifier  reactive und non-reactive chemicals for coatings, adhesives and sealants
Rubber Additives Applications
Antioxidants Suitable special additives for rubber
Additives for Polyester
U1® Fast-Reheat Additive
PET industry benchmark U1® Additive characterized by excellent heat absorption, energy saving and improved productivity in the PET preform blowing process
ATG / Polytrade A-56
Antimony Tris (ethylene glycoxide)
CAS Nr. 29736-75-2
High purity Antimony Catalysts for PET bottle and textile resins
ATA / Polytrade A-42
Antimony Triacetate
CAS Nr. 6923-52-0
ATO / Polytrade A-84
Antimony Trioxide
CAS Nr. 1309-64-4
ECOCAT® Antimony free catalyst for PET resin
ECOLOR® Antimony free catalyst for PET resin