Borsigalle 12, Polytrade Global GmbHThe history of the company goes back to 1994 when it was set up as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zimmer AG following the spin-off of the Fibres & Fibre Raw Materials department of Metallgesellschaft AG. Being acquired by international investor in 2017, today Polytrade Global  is a global distributor and service company doing business with more than 40 countries.

Your advantages when dealing with Polytrade Global:

Polytrade Global is well established in the EU as well as non-EU countries (Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS) thereby building a bridge between Asia and Europe. Polytrade Global has supplied to more than 40 countries around the world. Still though, the company does not rest on its laurels, instead is constantly looking for the ways of further development aimed entering new markets. For example, nowadays, the development  of “technology and service platform” for non-EU companies is an important issue on the agenda of Polytrade Global.

Polytrade Global has profound knowledge and broad experience in worldwide logistics, customs and duty regulations. These are the key cornerstones which allow Polytrade Global to provide customised logistics operations including constant supply and just-in-time delivery out of Polytrade Global stocks in Europe. Moreover, Polytrade Global is also ready to provide sale services in Europe as well as assistance for REACH registration and  technical support for R&D.

By choosing to work with Polytrade Global you are getting a reliable partner which is able to adjust to the newly appeared challenges in a very short time, successfully meet customer needs and move high quantities of products in a logistically effective way.

Why should you cooperate with Polytrade Global?

  • POLYTRADE GLOBAL  is an all-round marketing and logistics service provider with traditional technological background

  • POLYTRADE GLOBAL  cooperate on a reliable, comfortable and very flexible basis, which leads, in turn, to the establishment of a long-term relationship

  • POLYTRADE GLOBAL  is an ideal European partner who has access to a broad network of well-known major, medium and small size producers within the whole polymer and polyester chain.

Polytrade Global GmbH divides its product and services portfolio into three segments:

Performance Additives and Technology   Polymers and Services   Business Platform for International Trade  

1. Performance Additives and Technology
The segment Performance Additives was established with the intention of offering our customers from the plastics industry an extensive and exclusive product portfolio. This product portfolio comprises a wide range of high-performance additives for various plastics in the same way as new, eco-friendly plasticizers. In addition, it also offers the option to supply customers from new segments, like for example rubber processing and manufacture of products for medical applications.
In the segment Performance Additives, Polytrade Global GmbH provides a platform for growth in new applications and raw materials segments through its existing custom base and additional products. With the resources available, Polytrade Global GmbH can extend the custom base in certain markets in the framework of a marketing and customer contact initiative.

2. Polymere and Services
Polytrade Global GmbH looks back on more than 20 years of experience in polymer trading. At the core of our expertise lies the cost awareness that guides all our transactions and is put to practice in the form of detailed estimates and margin calculations. A high level of professionalism, customer contacts that have developed over the years, in-depth market knowledge, strong cost awareness as well as the extensive technical know-how of our employees constitute the strengths of Polytrade Global GmbH and hence the reason for its market success to date. In conjunction with a stable, established market setting (financing partners, suppliers), these strengths also leverage opportunities for the future.

3. Chemicals, Packaging and Services
Global shifts in industrial chemistry are creating both risks and opportunities. One focus in this context is to give medium-sized partners from the chemicals industry (especially from Russia and China) a sales platform for their products and for customer canvassing. Existing demand was corroborated in numerous conversations and in already concluded contracts.
In this segment, Polytrade Global GmbH benefits from the longstanding expertise of its management board members.
This segment focuses on the industry sectors chemical processing, construction industry, mining and water treatment.
Especially trading of chemical products from/to the CIS region is regarded as being a particular opportunity.
In the field of Packaging, marketing agreements were concluded with two Russian producers of PE and PP fabric bags (operating production facilities in Kazan and Mineralynievody, market leaders in their niche markets with experience of exporting into neighboring countries) in 2017. The products are to be marketed in the EU on an exclusive basis. No trade restrictions apply for this kind of products.


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