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Polytrade Global GmbH looks back on more than 20 years of experience in polymer trading. At the core of our expertise lies the cost awareness that guides all our transactions and is put to practice in the form of detailed estimates and margin calculations. A high level of professionalism, customer contacts that have developed over the years, in-depth market knowledge, strong cost awareness as well as the extensive technical know-how of our employees constitute the strengths of Polytrade Global GmbH and hence the reason for its market success to date. In conjunction with a stable, established market setting (financing partners, suppliers), these strengths also leverage opportunities for the future.

Product devision Polymers
Polymers Application

High-density polyethylene
CAS No.: 902-88-4

Granules for bottle caps and film
(Polybutylene terephtalate)
CAS Nr. 26062-94-2
Granules for fibers and engineering plastics
Polycarbonate High performance plastics
Polyester Application
PET Bottle Resin
Broad range of high quality chips suitable for a variety of all preforms and containers end applications
PET Textile Chips Broad range of high quality chips suitable for a variety of textile end applications
PET Film Resin Broad range of high quality chips suitable for a variety of all PET film end applications
PET Purging Compounds X-Purge is a purging compound which is fast and effective, eliminate black spots, is Non Toxic and is suitable for all resin types, like PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, POM, PVC. It safes the barrel and screw and has a wide range of temperature usage.
PET High Tenacity Yarns
Quality oriented yarns for industrial applications (geotextiles, conveyor belts, ropes and hoses, tents and tarpaulins, membrane structures, tire-cord fabric and others)


K 2019

Polytrade wants the thank all the contacts made at this global trade show.
Together with our agents from China, Colombia and Kazakhstan we met with our partners Polyplastic Compounds and ICBP. Our conference rooms were the stage for numerous new contacts..