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  BARS-2 masterbatches for plastics


Scientific & Production Company BARS-2 with its BASCO® is a leader in masterbatch production for colouring and modification of polymers in Russia. The company has been successful since 1992 from its head office in Saint-Petersburg and is operating 3 production plants in Russia.

The 4 pillars of success at BARS-2 are Research & Development results from a highly motivated professional team, Production with state-of-the-art high speed twin-screw extruders, wide range of Products BASCO® white, black and colour and additive masterbatches and Quality following ISO 9001:2015 IQNET system. REACH (EU 1907/2006) and the European Food Approval requirements are part of the standards that are guiding BARS-2.

Looking at some highlights in COLOUR:

PREMIUM, STANDARD and ECONOMY in WHITE and BLACK meet the customer demands.

  • PREMIUM with selected high quality raw materials meet high technical requirements
  • STANDARD is a choice in plastic films, pipes, profiles, sheets and technical parts
  • ECONOMY offers the cost benefit and a reasonable technical property

The quality of masterbatches is often measured with the extrusion pressure filter test. BARS-2 offers high quality, that is appreciated in film and fibre industry.
Possible food contact or technical use is visible in BARS-2 product coding, as well as the choice of carrier resin.

The BASCO® ADDITIVE-masterbatch product range of BARS-2 entails:

  • Light, heat and UV protection masterbatch
  • Anti-SLIP, Anti-BLOCK, Anti-FOG, Anti-STATICS

Colour - masterbatches

BASCO offers to colour matching according to customer requirement in the desired carrier plastic. PE, PP, PVC and PS are key materials of product development in colour masterbatches, along with customized developments.

Liquid colours are a specialty for PET used in stretch blow molding of bottles. Specialized colour matching for Polycarbonate (PC) are also available.