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Polyplastic: August 2020 ARMAMID® Graphene Nanotubes Compound


PRESS-RELEASE: August 2020:
Graphene Nanotubes in Plastics Are the Basis for Creating Light, Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Cars of the Future

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European distribution agreement concluded with Polytrade

2020 March - BARS-2 (St. Petersburg, Russia; search for a European sales partner was finally successful. The manufacturer of BASCO® masterbatches for colors and additives signed a distribution agreement for Western Europe with the distributor Polytrade Global GmbH (60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; The Russian company hopes to deliver various masterbatch grades to Western Europe.

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Polytrade takes over the exclusive distribution of the patented carrier systems SopharTops

“To make active ingredients bioavailable”

2020, February - On the occasion of the Incosmetics 2020 in Barcelona, Polytrade Global GmbH (Frankfurt am Main) announces that in future the company will distribute the dermal carrier systems “SopharTops” of the company Sopharcos (Steinau).

Polytrade Global GmbH has a wealth of experience in the worldwide trade of over 25 years. The chemicals trade has long ceased to be the exclusive focus. In 2018, Polytrade set out for new markets … one of them, the cosmetics segment. The main attention was to new and innovative products such as “Neosilk Kollagen”, obtained from silk cocoons.

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K 2019, Duesseldorf, Germany

Polytrade wants the thank all the contacts made at this global trade show.
Together with our agents from China, Colombia and Kazakhstan we met with our partners Polyplastic Compounds and ICBP. Our conference rooms were the stage for numerous new contacts.



Indochine Bio Plastiques receives Biodegradability Certification

Indochine Bio Plastiques receives Biodegradability CertificationIndochine Bio Plastiques receives Biodegradability Certification at the 13th European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin (Dezember 2018).

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